tegurlah aku kerana dalam setiap teguranmu itu pasti terselit seribu satu hikmah yang pasti bisa menunjukkan sinar kepadaku...

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Saturday, June 27, 2009


bersempena dgn keje FIM yg aku kna wat.. ha.. ni la die. baca ye=). smga keinsafan menyelubungi hati kita smue termasuk aku... amin..

1. after burial, the grave tightens up and presses the dead.

2. it presses the Muslim like a mother holds a child.It presses the Muslim like a mother holds a child. It preses the Kaafir (infidel) to the extent of crushing them, like the left side bones end up on the right side.

3) When the people leave after burial, the dead hears the footsteps.

4) At that time, two Angels called Munkar and Nakeer come ripping through the earth. Their faces look very fearful and scary. Their bodies are black in colour. They have green and black eyes, which are very large in size popping out, like the Jinn's eyes and they are made of fire. Their hair is very scary and long from head to toe. Their teeth are very long with which they rip through the earth. They wake up the dead shaking and rattling them.

5) With great strength with a deep voice, they ask these three questions:

>>"MAN RABBUKA" meaning "Who is your Lord?"

>>"MAA DEENUKA" meaning "What is your religion?"

>>"MAA KUNTA TAQUL FEE HAJAR RAJL" meaning "What did you use to say about this person?"

>>If the dead person is a Muslim, he will reply as follows:

"My Lord is Allah."

"My Religion is Islam."

"This is Allah's Messenger, He has been embraced with Allah Ta'ala's Mercy, greetings to him."

>>Now, a Voice from the skies will be heard saying: "My servant has said the truth. Lay the tablecloth of Paradise for him. Give him clothes from Paradise to wear and open the doors of Paradise (Jannat) for him." The cool air and the sweet fragrance of Jannat will continue to come and wherever the eyesight can reach, the grave will be made wide and large. Angels will say: "Sleep like a groom sleeps". All this will be for the good pious Muslims.

>>For the sinful, there will be punishment according to their sins.

>>This punishment will continue for a time. Then from the prayers of the pious or from "Esaale Sawaab" (good acts performed by people for the dead's forgiveness) or from prayers for their forgiveness or simply from the Mercy of Allah Ta'ala, this punishment will stop. Then, there will be relaxation.

>>If the dead is a Kaafir, then he will not be able to answer the questions and will say "HAA HAA LADRI" meaning "Shame for I know nothing'". Now a caller will shout: "He is a liar, lay the table-cloth of fire for him, and give him clothes of fire to wear and open the doors of Hell (Dozakh) for him, from which the heat of Hell will reach him." There will be two Angels allocated to him to give him punishment and will hit him with great big hammers. Big scorpions and snakes will also bite him. All different kinds of punishment will continue until the Day of Resurrection.

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