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Saturday, January 23, 2010

huh?? demamkah??

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. alhamdulilllah... at last, i’m brave enough 2 text him. What a relief! Holah! Miss him badly as he always appears in my dream. Nah... its from syaitan afiah. actually it’s not d main reason why i text him. Do you realize dat accident occurs everyday?? Especially accidents that include the motorcyclists. He RIDE a motor oke, so i’m a kind of feel scared for him. Sorry for those who i don’t concern. Hoho.. he has grown matured. Feel good to hear from him after a long silence between us. After d incidence of he accused me of something i didn’t do. Huh. I hate that moment damn much. But be grateful enough for this moment. Lalala~ no matter wat, he’s still my brother. The one who i love. I care. Always. i miss kira also. She’s now a grown up girl. a girl in standard 3 can be cnsdred as grown up oke. Hahhaa... don’t noe whether she can ride a bicycle yet. Hehe.... that kid is cute. Like her bro. Big bro. Both are juz d same=). But plez. Sum1. Remind him dat he owes me a word:SORRY.

I’m going to taman pertanian bukit cahaya tomorrow. Relaxing d mind. Searching for serenity. Hoho.. i’ve got LOTS of assignment to be done. QUIZZES and LAB PRACTICAL to be face. Haila2~ FINAL’s also here. Let’s do d countdown. Less than 30 days to be counted. Haila2~ am really2 need 2 be in my house rite now. For me 2 breath fresh air. See the sunrise every morning. Gaze the trees, flowers. Hear d birds chirping merily in d trees. Wat a moment 2 be missed. I want to be home rite now! Be patient afiah. It’s only less than 1 month away. Juz enjoy yourself tomoro and come back for those things-dat-determine-ur-future. U’ll be graduated soon!! Oyeahh!! Fill in d laz moment in cfs with a good, unforgotten-to-be memories afiah=).

And today, again, some story 2 be shared. It’s about ali. D guy dat i’ve had like before. He got long hair now. It’s messy.Haila2~ i like him more in his bald head. Hahahha...

-Afiah in sengalness mode. Maybe bcoz of d stress. Haila2~ ignore my words and grammar and style of writing that have been used in this post. It makes me feel bad. My English hasn’t improved much. Need 2 work on it more. Cayo2!!-

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